Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ho Chi Minh City

For our 2nd year wedding anniversary, we went Ho Chi Minh from 29th Nov to 2 Dec 2008. It was our 2nd time to HCMC, this time round is just purely a makan and shopping trip. We enjoyed the food there so much.. and getting there wasn't expensive. As we are so budget, HCMC is one of the interesting destination to getaway for our anniversary... House will be coming in March next yr (2009), will spend more money on the house!!! Enjoy our piz!! Mainly taking food that we ate.. and mainly PHO. hee hee.. we had PHO for al meals! hee hee... And we found a very nice PHO shop... we had that for lunch and dinner on our 2nd and 3rd day of the trip! haa haa..

Andy Lau Wonderful World Concert on 13 Dec 08

Alvin gave the tix to me for our 2nd yr wedding anniversary gift... Goash.. i nearly fainted when i see Andy.. although from far... :p

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Celebrating Cuiyi's Birthday!

Read the caption for wat happened that 2 days... 29 Aug and 30 Aug 2008.

Batam trip with friends in July

Went batam with friends (Sharon, Cuiyi and Jialin) on 5 July 2008. Just managed to upload the piz..

Friday, August 22, 2008

Jasmine's Birthday Pre-celebration...

ON 20 Aug 2008 (20082008), the group of us (years of buddies) pre-celebrated Jasmine's birthday the CENTRAL.

We first had our dinner at Waraku Pasta... and we bought a small "cookie monster" cup cake for the birthday girl!

Time flies and we are friends since little... all started from Yunxian, knew her since kindergarten, yes kindergarten... and she introduced me to Jasmine and Jean (sisters) since primary school days (i think!). And only current years, Jean introduced her buddy, Yen, to us... :p

Here's our fun pix!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My 29th Birthday / Chilling out with friends...

It has been a long time since my last entry! Have been enjoying myself with work, friends, family and with Alvin..

Celebrated my 29th Birthday with friends, colleagues, ex colleagues and Alvin... With friends, the bunch of them - Jialin, Cuiyi, Steph, Sharon, Jannie and Shimin, was indeed unforgettable and also a torture.. but everyone had fun! TOOK many pix.. with Cuiyi's camera.. yet to get them from her.. Seriously, i m not keen to share with all of u.. coz i was being tortured and i looked horrible! Just a gist of it, they first got me a pandon chiffon cake as my birthday cake.. DAMN FUNNY... I m shock to see tat! Reason is, so that i will not sabotage them with the cream. And I got a nike watch from them, as per my request! And the horrible begins after i get the present.. good things never come easy! I got 2 rounds of Sabotages... first, i was force to drink a glass of stout with egg! HORRIBLE!!! this is at E2Max at Cineleisure. Seconf round was at Party world.... they painted my face and pin up my hair with stupid looking flowers.. really look like an idiot.. but all of us enjoyed... It was indeed unforgettable! I think my friends can be a events organisers!

This is our group photo after all the "torture". Back to my normal look!

Alvin got me a durain cake, as per my request... Birthday present? my bunny, Binky, shall be my birthday present... so not romantic... Sigh.. But he did gave me a surprise by bringing me to a nice Jap resturant at Bt Timah... Not bad lar.. :p

Colleagues... gave me a surprise birthday breakfast party.. my colleague, sweet of him, cooked fried noodles for all of us... and got me a black forest cake... that's sweet. Birthday present... i got 2 t-shirts from them!
We went Brotzeit @ VIVO for lunch. ON THE TOP, that's me, with a wierd smile, and Eunice. IN THE MIDDLE, are the food that we ate. LAST, are my colleagues who only cares about the food - Fred and Andrew!

Prior to my birthday celebration, a few of us went Batam... Forgive me.. haven't got time to upload the piz... But it was indeed a shopping trip!

And i went Batam again a few weekends later with Alvin... this time round, it was a relazing trip.. went for massage.. tried something cheap (S$20 for 2 hrs!)... turns out to be so PAINFUL! I think i m gonna stick to hotel spa! Pix not uploaded... NO TIME... hee hee..

But recently, i chilled out with friends and Alvin at Novus at Museum.. It was a very nice place to chill out.. here's the piz..

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

BINKY! My new netherland dwarf bunny!

Hey... this is BINKY (means Happy rabbit)... She is only 1 mth old... She a grey Netherland Dwarf... Isn't she lovely? Now i m trying bond Bit Bit and Binky together... it's challenging... as Bit Bit is huge and is already 7mths old... and Binky is still so tiny.... Now i m seperating them and only allow them to meet during play time (bonding time).

Celebrated our 1.5yrs of wedding anniversary

Time flies... we have been husband and wife for 1.5yrs. On 25 Nov 2007, we are suppose to celebrate our first yr anniversary at Raffles Marina, where we solemnized and celebrated our marriage with our close friends and relatives, becoz the place was renovating, we decided to celebrate our 1.5yrs anniversary. Please enjoy our fotos...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lizzie and Friends' outings

Met up with my girlfriends for a steamboat fest and followed by KTV session last Friday nite.. Friday the 13th! See the amount of food we had!

Many weekends ago, we went JB for mani and pedi AND malaysian food fest too... see how much of food we ordered.. just the 4 of us!

Couple wear day's out

We happen to wear the same color... light blue top and beige berms.

My six mths old bunny - BitBit

Isn't he a darling... thinking of getting him a girlfriend...

Lizzie with curled hair...

It's me with my curled hair... hmmm... tied up...
I hardly take pix of myself with curled... this is one of the rare moments..

Monday, June 02, 2008

Jimmy gets high by Daniel Powter

My recent fav song! Heard it on Class95 while driving... Hope u like it too!

Professor Dr. Randy Pausch

It's very meaningful... Prof Dr Randy Pausch knows that he is dying from pancretic cancer and he gave his last lecture on LIFE... If u have time, do take a break and take a look at this video. :p